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    Why just Digital? An Eco Friendly Option!

    Making the environment our number one priority is the right thing to do.  It’s also a lot more fun!  Digital technology’s computer platforms and toner have replaced the need for messy inks and solvents for a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable work environment.

    Recruiting young talent is one of the biggest challenges for printing companies.  They realize that harsh manufacturing processes have a negative impact on the environment and don’t want any part of it.  At Premier Pouches, we don’t have this problem.

    We are all committed to environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices and we want to share our vision with you.  Digital print is the responsible future of label and packaging manufacturing and Premier Pouches is leading the way.

    Less is More

    With digital print, the design goes right from the computer to the press, we don’t require printing plates.  This adds up to conservation of resources; electricity, water, and fossil-based products and allows us to use up to 95% less paper to get the job running.  With no plates, there’s nothing to wash up, no water or chemicals need to be used for clean-up.  Finally, there’s no plates or additional paper waste to go into landfill after the job is done.

    This is not only better for the environment, it’s also better for your budget.  The savings in consumables in the manufacturing process adds to your bottom line.