We manufacture printed roll stock, laminate and offer pouch making.


Roll stock

Is often used for bar wrap, coffee pouches, drink crystal, soup mixes and more. These are mostly form, fill and seal applications. Pouches can be formed from Roll stock, in many variations for any type of product. Here are some examples of pouch styles.



Sometimes simply referred to as Doy. The Doyen style enables light weight products, which would otherwise fall over, to stand up right, using the bottom as “feet” for the pouch. This style is ideal when your product contents are less than a pound. Sometimes due to the style of pouch a shorter pouch may be used.



When your product weighs between 1 to 5 pounds. The K-seal style is preferred but only as a guide line. The style has bottom seals that resemble the letter K. In some cases depending on the product, the K-seal tends to expand less and so the same volume of product seems to require a slightly taller bag than the Doyen.


Plow Bottom or Corner bottom

The corner bottom / plow style is recommended for heavy products above 5 pounds. There is no seal at the bottom and the product sits flush on the bottom of the pouch. Because the product is heavier, the pouch doesn’t need the seals to help it stand up. There are only seals on the side of the pouch.


Above are some of the most common pouch styles, and are listed, and suggested only as a guideline. However there are many other types of pouches ; such as a 3 sided pouch where it is filled and sealed at the top. There are lay flat zipper pouches with no gusset, and typically stacked flat not meant to stand up as a display. Some lay flat pouches are top filled and sealed, some are bottom filled and sealed.